Lab - 09' Wide - Option 04

Lab - 09' Wide - Option 04
Budget Price: $15,056.01
Price includes installation costs.
Budget Price: $15,056.01

Dimensions: 9' 0" (108") W x 6' 10" (82") D x 7' 0" (84") H

  • Kit is designed to represent one common option used for Labs at this Height and Width
  • Kit includes two open knee space cabinets, two one door base cabinets, two four drawer base cabinets, two open base cabinets, one ADA sink cabinet, four wall panels, countertop with backsplashes, one epoxy pegboard, one ADA sink with vacuum breaker faucet, one eye wash station, and two dual head deck mounted gas valves.
  • ADA accessible.

Sku: SSG-LB09-4-L

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