300 Unit - 86 Total Openings - Steel Smart Locker

300 Unit - 86 Total Openings - Steel Smart Locker
Budget Price: $50,497.93
Price includes installation costs.
Budget Price: $50,497.93

Dimensions: 18' 9" (225") W x 2' 1" (25") D x 7' 0" (84") H

  • Kit is designed to represent one common option used for Steel Smart Lockers at this Height and Width
  • Lockers are designed to be used in Apartment communities
  • Kit includes 2 Four Door Steel Smart Lockers, 4 Six Door Steel Smart Lockers (Option A), 1 Six Door Steel Smart Locker (Option B), 2 Eight Door Steel Smart Lockers, 3 Ten Door Steel Smart Lockers, and 1 Two Door + Kiosk Steel Smart Locker
  • ADA accessible.

Sku: SSG-PC7-86-Combo

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