4 Evidence Lockers-31 Total Openings

4 Evidence Lockers-31 Total Openings
Budget Price: $31,472.05
Price includes installation costs.
Budget Price: $31,472.05

Dimensions: 12' 0" (144") W x 2' 0" (24") D

System Overview

Each kit comes with a variety of options that each have a unique price attached to them. A typical solution would be a run of lockers in a linear direction.


  • Lockers come in either Pass-thru or Non Pass-thru
  • Each model comes with a variety of compartments and sizes with self-closing doors
  • Push-Button locks on the front of each door
  • For Pass-thru lockers, a single hinged rear door provides access and cannot be accessed from the front
  • Rear door comes with a different master key for evidence retrieval
  • No keys required for evidence drop off
  • Units come shipped fully assembled
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes in base and sides of locker
  • Number tags w/ instructions are installed on all front doors
  • Base comes with adjustable floor levelers
  • High quality Powder coat paint
  • Standard trim and installation hardware comes with each locker
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One year limited warranty on all refrigeration units
  • Mesh rear doors available
  • Lockers are typically 36” Wide x 82” Tall and 24” Deep w/ base. Some lockers come 24” Wide
  • Optional front lock out system

Small Evidence Refrigerator

  • Stainless steel throughout
  • Keyless locking system prevents re-access
  • Available in Pass-thru and Non Pass-thru
  • Four standard configurations

Sku: SSG-EVL-4_Wide-31_Total_Openings


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