Our BIM journey started over 4 years ago


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Our BIM journey started over 4 years ago and in the beginning there were more questions than answers.

How do you make BIM content that is useful for not just a studio of 5 people but 5000?
How do you make content that is flexible enough to work in design development and also detailed enough for construction documents?
How do you standardize products from hundreds of manufacturers across North America and make them work seamlessly together?
How do you develop something intended for experts, but simple enough that anyone can use?

We were able to answer these questions

We made our models at a 5D level.

We chose to be transparent. We included valuable information such as list price, shipping weights, lead times, sustainability information, and more.

We began grouping our families together to create room segments, making it easy to quickly drop them in early in the design phase and get estimated budget pricing and accurate spatial conditions.

We created a sophisticated system of shared parameters with tooltips to ensure using our content is easy. We got rid of type catalogs and implemented a system of user input with data validation to allow the user to design instead of looking through spreadsheets.

One big question came up

If you are going to take the time to put so much information into the models, how do you make sure users are getting the most up to date data?

This is where Fetch comes in.

The Fetch plugin allows you to quickly search and insert our content into your Revit projects. Each time a family is inserted, the content is synced with our internal database ensuring that you always have the most up to date, accurate information. If we have uploaded a newer version of the family to the database, you are alerted in the project tab of the application where you can quickly update all out-of-date families with a single click.

You also have immediate access to all new families and room segments, so you can say goodbye to annoying newsletters!

This is just the beginning of our journey with Fetch. We look forward to being able to continue innovating to help you design and create faster and smarter.

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