Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you require users to register?

We use this for tracking purposes so that future content can be tailored to popular trends. It also allows us to notify users of newly-added models.

Will my information be shared?

No, we only store emails for our own information and to alert you to Model updates.

How do I cancel my Newsletter Subscription?

Go to My Account and under Newsletter Subscriptions, deselect General Subscription and click Save.

Can I purchase storage solutions on this site?

Please visit our sister site to purchase individual items directly, or save your quote and submit it to the Southwest Solutions Business Development team to get a firm quote for your project.

Where can I find previous quotes I've created?

Go to Account and located under My Account is a My Quotes section where all your quotes are stored.

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What is Proactive Planning

Proactive planning is utilizing all the aspects of BIM in order to minimize mistakes while improving workflow in order to allow for more design time and fewer revisions.

What is Autodesk Revit?

Autodesk Revit is a 3D modeling program which allows those in the construction industry to generate highly informative projects, thus identifying problem areas before they are built.

Our firm uses ArchiCAD. Do you offer files of this type?

Currently we do not offer ArchiCAD files directly. Our files have been optimized to create the best possible IFC export to improve interoperability.

Is there a download limit?

No. Once you've signed in, you can download as many files as you would like as many times as you like.

Is there a way to download all of your models at one time?

At Southwest Solutions Group we have created a lot of content and our library is constantly growing. We provide a couple different ways for you to download large amounts of our content at a time. On each Room Segment page we provide project files to download all kits of a certain type under the RVT tab. On each Individual Family page we provide a large collection of families zipped together under the Collections Tab. If you want access to all of our content without having to download everything from the website, go to our contact page and put in a request to BIM Support so we can figure out the best way to get you our content.

How do we specify your product?

Download our CSI specifications located under the ARCH - SPECIFICATIONS tab on Room Segment or Individual Family pages and insert it into your spec document. Make SSG the basis of design by referencing the model # and contact info in the specs and on the drawing elevations to help make sure your G.C.’s are providing you with what the client is expecting. Each family created by Southwest Solutions Group has built in specifications, such as 2016 Master Format, 2010 Uniformat, and 2012 Omniclass, to aid in tagging.

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Content Creation Strategy

What is 5D-BIM?

5D-BIM (fifth-dimension building information modeling) incorporates both 3D and 4D (Time) and combines those with cost estimating. By utilizing 5D-BIM, one can more accurately predict all the variables in a project. Thus allowing for the user to quickly visualize and understand the impact of the design. Integrating 5D BIM simulation models enables the development of more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable constructions.

How do you make changes to these models?

You simply make changes to the instance parameters based on the numbers listed in the tooltip and/or listed directly beneath the parameter. For example, if you wish to change the handle type simple select the number you want from the list. All our models use instance parameters to drive the models. Making them faster to design with than type parameters. The idea is to create models which allow the designers to go through their design iterations more quickly.

How do your models work together?

Our models use shared parameters. This allows you to select several families at one time and make mass changes. For example, if you select 10 base cabinets, you can quickly change all the handles to match by making 1 selection. This greatly speeds up your design time.

How do these models look in Plan/Section/Elevation?

These models are dynamic in all three views. For example, in plan, we do not want to convolute your drawings so we have taken the time to make sure our products only show necessary information in plan. In elevation, these models show dynamic information. For example, in Modular Casework we’re able to show the difference between door styles, door hardware, and additional shelving. In Section, we took the time to put in different levels of detail depending on the direction you want your design conversation to go. In coarse view the model is hatched out to only show the form. In fine detail, you can see shelf pin holes. We also chose to not to use hatching to show materials intentionally. We did this because each firm has different standards and we wanted each firm to have the flexibility to apply their own hatching as needed.

Why don’t you use Type Catalogs?

We’ve found Type Catalogs greatly hamper the design process. Type Catalogs also pose a problem from a standardization process. For example, when designers open a type catalog there might be a couple hundred options to choose from. From there you might select 10 options or you might just select all and download them into your project. By selecting all you are going to really slow down your project. If you select 10, inevitably you’re going to need one you didn’t choose. You can either take the slow route and reload the type catalog or you can choose to make changes to that family. By making type changes, you might screw up a model located in a different part of the project.

How does pricing work in your models?

Our pricing is dynamic and built to reflect the changes being made in the family. This allows you to have real time budget information pertaining to each model. You can see this information in the family’s instance properties under the Data parameter group or by using our Southwest Solutions Group Master Schedule. Prices are based upon list and are strictly to help with early budgeting. For more formal quotes go to our contact page and send a message to our sales team or call use toll free at 1-800-803-1083.

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Model Performance

How big are your Revit families file size?

We tried to adhere to the old Autodesk standards of 700kbs per family. Our models come in a little bit bigger, but we did our best to make sure they are smaller than 1mb per model.

I’m worried about file size. How do I know your models will not slow my project down?

While our models are slightly larger than typical models, they will not slow your project down because you generally only need to download one model type.

What is your turn around time for fixing models and/or updating models?

We can turn around models that need fixing between 24-48 hours. As for updating models, we do that periodically throughout the year.

How do I know if I need a model update?

Subscribing to the Newsletter will notify you when model changes have been made. Although if you are unsure about if you need an updated model, it is our suggestion that you simply download the model in question again and save it over your original file. This will insure that you have the most up to date model.

Do I have access to PDFs from the website within the models?

Yes. These can be found in the type properties.

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Room Segments

How are Room Segments used in a typical workflow?

Room Segments are designed to be used early in the design process. They can be inserted into your project and provide quick feedback on spatial and budget requirements without getting into too much detail. Our Room Segments are grouped so you can easily swap between them or make quick changes across an entire project. Once you get closer to construction documents, Room Segments can be ungrouped and customized to a high level of specificity.

Do we have to use everything that comes in a Room Segment?

No. We understand that you may have your heart set on a different style of sink or faucet. Our models will work with any other Revit family out there.

Do I have to use the Room Segments Provided?

No. We have provided Kits as idea starters based on our experience. Each RVT and RFA file comes with enough information to allow for total customization.

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Will you help us plan a space?

Absolutely! We can either take your file and plan it for you, or we can take something you started and refine it as desired.

Do you have any success stories?

Of course! We recently collaborated with an Architecture firm in Dallas to help them plan the new Toyota North America HQ. We were able to plan over 250k worth of mail room product in 3 hrs. via GoToMeeting. We have also collaborated on Office Services areas both in state and out of state and are able to provide it as a turnkey, delivered and installed project.

Can you create a custom kit for us?

Yes. We can either create a custom kit for you, or you can download any one of our kits from our website and edit it to your needs.

How can I ask a question about a model or design?

We can be contacted most quickly by submitting your questions through our Contact Page. For more in-depth information, please schedule a seminar.

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